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Other types of Fish
As supplement to the products, we produce ourselves, we are able to offer a wide range of other fishproducts on a trading-basis. These products are bought on various auctions and packed/produced by our competent business partners.
We can mention the following products:
Herring round, deli and fillets
Cod gutted head-on/headless, fillets, loins and tails
Haddock gutted head-on/headless and fillets
Plaice gutted, kitchenready and fillets
Saithe Fillets
Monkfish tails with or without belly
Lemon Sole gutted and fillets
Catfish skinned and fillets
Common Sole gutted
Turbot - gutted
Redfish round and fillets
Mackerel round, gutted and fillets
Pike round and fillets
Pikeperch round and fillets
Perch round and fillets
Powan round
Mullet round
Greenland Halibut fillets
Tusk fillets
Ling - fillets
On enquiry we can also get other products, for instance from Norway or the Faroe Islands.